On The Island

A race like the Isle of Man TT could never be allowed to run in Canada. Really everywhere else in the world have banned racing like this for almost 80 to 100 years. It is a race of immense co-operation of spectators, residence and the organizers.

We landed this morning and were picked up by Mike, the owner of Isle of Man Motorcycle Adventures. We had enough time to do what we needed to at the airport and then drive into Douglas. Mike had a friend who knew a lady who’s front yard was on the TT course so we rushed over to there just in time for the first bikes to come blasting by. With no walls anywhere and no one telling you where to go it is essentially a race where you watch from peoples gardens. Amazingly you also do this so close to the race track that a riders position on the road is the only determining factor of whether you could touch them or not. As they come by the air forms a shockwave which takes some getting used to. The Superbike race (Bikes of 1000 cc engine size) was an excellent introduction to the week. Our vantage point was excellent as they wheelied past us after running through the dip at Bray Hill.

When the 6 laps were done we went up closer to the start finish near where Mike Lives. His company is run out of his home so that was were I was going to have to pick up my motorbike for the week. As the side cars were scheduled to race after we had only enough time to drive over to the other side of the track before the road was closed again. Mike suggested that we walk up to the start finish to watch the race. Dad and I wondered around and bought some stuff before working our way back to Mikes house where I picked up the bike.

A short ride around was possible and then back to the hotel for dinner and a drink. Bike is nicely parked out on the road now waiting to be taken out tomorrow for my first run around the course. With thousands (10’s of thousands…. 100’s?) of other bikes here it should be interesting!


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