The Plan: On Our Way

I’m cramped, its loud, there is a drone of engine noise, the floor is constantly vibrating and I couldn’t be happier. After a year of planning my father and I are on our way, first to Ireland and then on to the Isle of Man.

Every year the Tourist Trophy (TT) races are held on the 38 mile loop course that connects 3 towns on the Island. The riders average over 120 mph on a course that is made up of small 2 lane roads between hedges and trees that cover the road. These races have been running almost every year since 1911 and have developed a massive following of motorcyclists and racing fans who flock to the island filling up every available hotel and campsite making planning a year in advance mandatory.

Our plan has us flying to Dublin, stay the night then on to Douglas Saturday Morning. We should be in enough time to see the first races of the week after checking into our hotel. We expect to be greeted by the owner of Motorcycle Adventures who I will be renting a Honda CBF 600 for the week. Sunday will be my first chance to ride the course on something called Mad Sunday where thousands of people tour the track and get to feel what it may be like to be one of the racers.

Well thats the plan…. to be seen is how things go.


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