The Next Adventure

I don’t know why but I had a knot in my stomach all last week. It isn’t as if this is my first across continent trip but for some reason I was unable to get over the feeling that I was completely unprepared for this trip.

First of all I decided to finally go on this trip only last week. Inadvertently it was my parents who helped me decide to go. They just sort of assumed that I was going away this summer. I wasn’t so sure as I had incurred some very significant expenses as the school year ended and I didn’t think I could afford it. Truly I am sure that I can’t but their almost overwhelming expectation seemed to solidify the idea for me.

Google maps is a dangerous thing. The original idea was to do a trip that I had planned on doing with a friend a couple of years ago that unfortunately didn’t happen. I started off by plotting a route out from Bruce Peninsula National Park where I would camp for a couple of days with a few friends of mine through Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota to North Dakota then south to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse and then home. Unfortunately as you start to look at the map all sorts of things seem to be very close. First to be tacked on was the idea of Glacier National Park in Montana. Once you are in Montana you might as well ride through the mountains because it just is cool to be in mountains, I love mountains. After that Seattle isn’t that far and really I have never been to Vancouver Island and I would love to see Temperate Rain forests so that is close…. and another ferry ride is just cool. A few days on the island and back south because it is cheaper to travel in the States.

So now you are on the west coast again and you don’t know how that happened. The once cheap and fast trip now has become an across continent odyssey. How do you end this. Well tack on a couple of extra things. Having taught about the Mt. St. Helens eruption for the last ten years of my career it would probably be important to see it really, and then home I guess.

How long will this all take…. well who knows. I have no reason to be home until the middle of August so we will see what happens.


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