The Story So Far

So…. the story so far. The trip across the continent started 5 days ago. I rode up from Milton to Bruce Peninsula National Park and was greater by the Lu’s. Nothing is cooler than riding up to a camp site and seeing two people with their hands up in the air yelling your name.

We spent a cool couple of nights exploring one of my favourite places. The Bruce Peninsula is beautiful and the hikes and water are very cool. The grotto area of the national park is a treasure and everyone should spend some time here.

We left on Tuesday and traveled over the ferry at Tobermory together. As we landed the rain was strong and it continued for much of the day. I had planned on making it over the border at Sault St. Marie and into northern Michigan this day but I don’t think I had accounted the time I would get off the ferry and the possibility of bad weather.

The coolest part of this day was the meeting I had with a Mennonite man in Blind River Ontario (I think). It had finally dried out and I was getting petrol (I have decided to not call it gas anymore… really it is a liquid… how can we continue to call it gas!) and at the same time trying to empty the water out of my boots. A man came up to me and asked me about my bike. I usually don’t think that Mennonites would be interested but this guy seemed to be. I found out that he had moved from the St. Catharines area to the Northern Lake Huron area because the farm land was better! He told me that he would constantly hit rocks down in St. Catharines where as up in Blind River it was amazing farm land. He and his 12 children (ranging in ages from 4 months to 20 years old, 6 boys and 6 girls by the way) and found amazing land up here.

If you have been out in a lot of rain on a motorbike and are soaked you tend to want to be indoors for the night to dry out. After a night in doors in Sault St. Marie and some last minute phone calls that had to be done before leaving Canada I got across the border and on to the US portion of the trip. A sunny day and a less winds as the day went on meant that I rode very late into the day. Arriving at Brule, Wisconsin at 8:30 pm meant that I would not set up a camp at that time. I found a motel and while talking to the lady I found out that not driving with a helmet isn’t that amazing an idea. I don’t know how people do it, but many do. This lady told me about how her and her friend hit a deer on a Goldwing motorcycle. She was “ok” after but her friend took a hoof off the forehead when the animal came through the windshield. It made me happy that I had decided to stop when the sun was low in the sky.

Tonight I have made it to Casselton, North Dakota. I stopped just before it started to really “chuck it down” but wasn’t fast enough to stop and set up camp before it did. My camp is ready but things are still drying out as I write this. The camp site is a lay over for RV’s and I have just set up a tent on a patch of grass beside the laundry area. There is one other tent beside me and after talking to the guy who owns it it seems he is working in the area on construction projects and saving money on motels by living in a tent. Guess it is a way for him to make some extra cash.

Anyways, on to Montana tomorrow …. I think. 🙂


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