Last Days and Home

I never worried in the past about what was going on at home while I was away. My house would be looked after by friends and family, pay checks would continue to be deposited in my account, the area around my house would continue to grow with a few new houses being built and life would just go on as always. This years trip ended a little more abruptly as things just didn’t want to follow that path.

I have known my friend Paul since I was in high school and have watched his family grow over the years and have been almost as proud of their accomplishments as he has. The morning I woke up in Wall SD. to a text that said that his eldest daughter was going in for emergency brain surgery to remove a tumour that had only just been discovered. Honestly my trip was mostly over already and I was on the return trip home but this news sped up the process a little. Riding from then on was as late as I could before the sun set so that I could be home to hang out with my friends.

It took me 4 days of fairly long riding to get from South Dakota to Mississauga Ontario but in that time did have a few adventures still. I was sort of cut off by a motorcycle “club”, met a nice 75 year old Californian Harley owner in Sioux Falls SD, slept in an old motel 6 in Oshkosh that spent the entire night making cracking noises to the point that I feel like the roof will fall in soon and sailed across the last remaining coal fired ferry on the Great Lakes.

I have been home for about a week now and I have been dropped back into normal “life” with a sort of thud. I have hung out with friends and helped where I could. Appointments are happening for the bike and been to the vampires place to make sure there is no hep V in me.

And so that is it for this trip. I will be off again before the end of this summer but not as far or as long. Ottawa is next…..



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