Where Next?

It’s time. Time to get out and go again.

Last summer I choose not to go anywhere, mostly as a way of paying down some bills, partially because last year at work was so hectic / stressful that I could not bring myself to do anything beyond crash out on the couch for a month and slightly because I wasn’t interested in randomly riding my motorcycle across country again alone. Being a teacher in a year when we went on strike was just too draining, and having to be apart of the organization of the strike led to stress levels being enough to question my career choice.

A year has past and things are better. I don’t have to worry about Union Leadership and can concentrate on becoming a better teacher again. I am also beginning to look towards other adventures which brings me to this post. A year away from travel has been enough and it is now time to plan the next adventure and for surprisingly the first time in my life the idea is Europe.

This one sort of fell into my lap. My families background is English and for that reason I have been over to the UK many times but I have never made it over to the continent. For some reason all of the places that I have wanted to go usually are a little more remote or exotic so I have concentrated on places such as Tibet, Alaska or the Galapagos Islands. I plan in the near future to go to a few places in Africa (probably quite a few) as well as a developing plan to head down the South America on the motorbike but for some reason Europe just has not held much of a draw. That said, this March will be my father’s 70th birthday and my sister suggested that we rent a Canal Boat in England and take him for the trip that he has wanted to go on for a very long time as a family.

So it is a go. Dad has picked his desired route in Northern Wales, we have picked the dates and ordered the boat. But that is just the start. I have been to Wales before, in fact I have been to many of the countries in the UK but having never been to the continent it is time to change that. Exact locations are still developing but definitely France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy will be the list. Also what I will be doing in these places are also developing but ideas include mountain biking at Verbier, Watch the Tour De France go by and drive / race around the Nurburgring.

And finally… how to get around. Well that is a thought still in development but the leading idea is to ship the motorbike over and ride around Europe for a month and a half! So let the planning begin…. it is fun to have a trip to look forward to :).

Have you got a suggestion for where to go? Leave a comment! All suggestions welcome. Even better… want to come with?




  1. Wow. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing trip! I love Europe and there is so much to do and see. Corsica (an island of France) off the coast of Italy is very cool if you are looking for a different destination as well. Get there by ferry from Pisa. There is so much history and the castles are so majestic and nothing you would ever see in Canada. All the best with the planning cannot wait to see the pictures and read the stories of your journey!

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