Where Next Part 2? Planning Gets Real

So now that it is decided that I am going… it is time to put some thought into where. In the last few trips around North America I have just “winged it” and headed out with very little planning. There was usually a scattering of places along the way towards an end location prior to turning around and heading towards home. This style of travel works well on motorbikes as it is much harder to know exactly how far you may make it on any given day. Traveling across North America means that there are many days that could be 1,000 km in length at least. Before motorcycle travel I had done the bulk of my holidays with tour companies. It was a requirement when I wanted to go to Tibet in order to get a visa and after that the reason for going was for an environmental science course so planning was out of my hands once I decided to go.

This time however a little more planning will be needed. I have some time constraints based on the family canal boat portion of the trip during the first week of August and the fact that the current school year ends June 30th and next year starts at the beginning of September. Having a time commitment directly in the middle of the available time will mean some thought is necessary. The hard thing for me so far is that I am not sure how long it will take to get around.

To begin the process I have been brainstorming locations I want to go to. The result of my brainstorming so far has been the creation of this map. The map will be updated any time I get a new idea so if you are interested check back often.

So far the places I know I want to go are either motor racing related, of family importance or just famous places that have to be seen on a first trip to the continent. I know I will be heading to Amsterdam at some point as well as Paris and for motor racing I will be heading to both the Nurburgring in Germany (a famous race track for those of you who haven’t heard about it) and Modena to see if they give away Ferrari’s to visiting Canadians. After that ideas of heading along the Mediterranean Coast for a bit and some time spent in the Alps.

Well that is it at the moment. As before any ideas are always welcome. Till next time…


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