The Next Next Adventure?

The recent exam “break” has sort of put a pause on my travel planning for this summer but its timing coincided with some very interesting deadlines with my work. January 31 was the deadline to apply for one year leaves. There are some very interesting benefits of being a teacher and one is that taking a sabbatical is a very real possibility. The other very nice thing is that my board will help out with this by allowing you to deduct money for a certain amount of time to help pay for the year that you might be away. For that reason I have put in my application for a 4 over 5 meaning for the next 4 years I will have a reduced income to help pay for the sabbatical.

I now have two trips to look forward too. So what to do for an entire year off? 2020 / 2021 is 4 years away and plans may / probably will change but the current idea is one that I have talked about for a little while…. Drive or ride the motorbike down to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina!

The overall idea is to leave Milton the start of July 2020 and make it to the end of the road in South America by January 2021. From there if the money and everything else allows jump on a boat to Antarctica. After that I would have about 7 months to get back up to the GTA area by July of that year possibly by heading straight through the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest.

A more comprehensive planning map will come soon but according to Google Maps the entire South American part will only take 126 hours ;).

Google Map of South American Route


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