Holiday Paperwork

If you are a teacher maybe you can tell me if you agree. I always find this part of the year as very cool but also very strange at the same time. The last few months of every school year students and teachers do everything with one eye on the upcoming summer break. The last day of school though has a weird bittersweet feeling about it. Particularly with the group of people I am lucky to work with it is filled with lots of handshakes, hugs and goodbyes. Every year we loose teachers either to other schools, retirements or leaves of some kind (working in a female dominated young school has created an amazing amount of maternity leaves over the last few years!). Its very strange to spend the day saying goodbye to people you have been so close to over the last 10 months.

You get over it quite fast though! With all of the end of year activities over the last week I have also been getting ready for this summer’s trip. I guess that because I’m male and unable to do more than one thing at a time I did leave a lot of stuff to do in the last minute. The big news is that I have chosen to ship my motorbike over to London and tour around Europe hopefully off the beaten path. That means that I have had to spend this week arranging things such as European Insurance, Freight Forwarders and Dangerous Goods Documents. I have only one more document to go and get. Last night I went out to Chapters to grab a Lonely Planet and yet again the conflict over the need for an International Drivers Permit continued so tomorrow it is off to CAA to get one just in case. Hopefully they also have a white oval CDN sticker that I can put on the bike as well, not sure if it is necessary but the conflict over its need is the same as the IDP.

So the plan is this. On Monday I drop off a mostly packed motorbike to Air Canada Cargo so that it can be loaded onto a plane that leaves on Tuesday. My flight to London leaves on Wednesday where I will catch up to the bike. Hopefully all of the paperwork is cleared and I can simply pick the bike up and go. I plan on spending one night in London and then I am off to Amsterdam. 2 Nights in Amsterdam to explore the city and then heading off south. That is the extent of the plans at this point. I would like to make it as far south as Northern Italy and the Mediterranean but with no plans anything can happen. I will be back in the UK on the 27th of July and back in Canada on August 10th.

Some things I hope to get to are the Nurburgring Race Track, Hiking in Switzerland, Maranello and Paris. Nothing is scheduled yet though which will hopefully make me flexible to go anywhere if something comes up.

So that’s the update. Talk to you again on Wednesday.



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