So this is Germany

If you ever find your self getting a little bored of driving through every little town in the Netherlands while randomly following your GPS here is something that you should know.

Top 5 signs you have just got onto the German Unrestricted Autobahn:

  1. Your GPS all of a sudden does not tell you what the speed limit is.
  2. Everyone…. and I mean EVERYONE is passing you… even the crappiest little vehicles.
  3. You make a rule that says you will never pull out in front of Black Mercedes cars no matter how far behind you they are.
  4. You quickly amend that to any Mercedes, BMW or Audi.
  5. You resolve yourself to driving in the middle lane no matter how much you would never do that at home because it feels the safest. Trucks on the right of you and holy hell fast cars on the left.

I have no idea when I crossed over the border from the Netherlands to Germany. I was paying attention but the GPS was set to avoid highways from when I was at home. For the first few days that wasn’t an issue as I didn’t have to make very far distances and in reality the distance today is only a short one in comparison to past years but not going on the highway was getting tedious. I had figured that there would have at least been a sign to say I was in a new country but I guess that maybe I was in too small a road for that! Or simply it was just not in English?

When I left the hotel this morning the plan was to go have a fast and cheap breakfast and then head south to the Nurburgring where I am staying for the next couple of nights. This plan quickly broke down as I didn’t seem to find any place that looked like if fit the bill of cheap and so I just kept going and arrived here at Nurburg around 4 pm or so. This area is fantastic for driving around. I have finally found some area that has some contour to it and so there are roads that finally need to turn from time to time unlike in the Netherlands were everything is paper flat. In fact the little roads (and I do mean little) that my GPS seems to want to take me on are fantastic. They lead through these tiny villages that are perched on the sides of these mountains. The mountains themselves remind me a lot of being in Quebec but the roads don’t at all. They are a little better maintained but they also seem to throw in turns just for the heck of it in random places!

Anyways I have made it. I have checked into a Bed & Breakfast called the Hotel Parc Ferme which if you don’t follow racing doesn’t mean anything to you but if you are interested look up its meaning and it will seem appropriate. I was early enough to head into town and get my first meal of the day and then go for a lap of the track! That is a story on its own and so that is the next posts subject :).



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