Hangin Around in the Eifel Mountains

In my life there are days that have me on my feet and moving constantly and there are days where I am at a dead stop. I find it very strange to be anywhere in-between. Usually at work (school) I tend to be on the go constantly, there is always something that needs doing and if I have a few minutes I start to come up with new things to do or create. Witness this last year where I decided to finally put the time into redesigning the curriculum that I had been teaching for a number of years. I had stepped back from things to try and introduce some balance into my life and instead flipped everything I do on its head which involved a lot of hours on my and my friends parts.

That is why a day like today is a little strange for me. I had originally thought that this would be the day that I would drive around the Nurburgring but two things seemed to cause that to be changed. First… I did that last night. And second any more laps were to have to wait until the group that had rented the track for the day were done. In fact the Nurburgring is commonly rented out by the likes of BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin and others to test their cars and it seems like today was one of those days. In fact a quick look at the news revealed that spy photographs were taken of Audi’s and Lamborghinis that were on the track. Check out these articles that I found (Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera Spied and US-Bound Audi RS3 Sedan Spotted on the Nurburgring)

So I went for a ride around the hills. This place is a drivers paradise even if you are not on the track. All of the little roads go through amazing little villages and end up going over mountains and through valleys. First of all it is amazingly picturesque and secondly it is a lot of fun just to cruse around. I also used this time to visit a town I only knew because it is a name of a corner on the track. Adenau is actually the larger of the towns around here and is where I got the chance to get a bank machine for the first time in a while. It is also where I found a very nice old man who was checking out my license plate when I stopped to park. My license plate does attract some attention as it isn’t big and yellow as the European plates are but I think that most just look at the Canadian Flag stickers that my dad gave me as I was leaving and have all of their questions answered. This gentleman was more interested and I wish I knew German to be able to chat with him but alas I couldn’t. We did chat a little about the parking situation and he told me I didn’t have to worry about paying where we had parked. Satisfied I didn’t think anything more of it as he walked away but seconds later he came back with a ticket and informed me that for one hour it was free! I looked at the ticket and it seems like he didn’t pay anything but none the less I was very grateful for at least his help!


Adenau town center.

The afternoon was spent hanging around. I went to the Nurburgring museum which was good but mostly in German so I didn’t understand much of it, and then deciding if I wanted to pay the large fee to either do a ‘taxi’ ride around the track in the evening or rent a car and do it myself. I opted in the end to be shown how to drive this track from a professional, and this guy was amazing. He did an 8 minute lap with traffic to go around and was probably not even on full form!


The Car, The Driver and me. That was one fast lap of the Nordschleife!

Anyways, that is it for the Nurburgring for this year at least. Two major race / historical / famous race tracks (Isle of Man and Nurburgring) off of the bucket list now. Tomorrow I head south and Lonely Planet is telling me to head first to the Moselle Valley and then to the Black Forest so I think that is what I will do. Apparently somewhere along the way I am in search of Coco Clocks. I will tell you if I find them.

Where Am I? Check out this active map of my trip.


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