Something North America can learn from Europe

I am really enjoying the aspect of European cities where people get out and wander around in the city center. In almost every city or town I have been to so far there seems to be a square or park of some kind that attracts people to it. There is usually some form of entertainment going on in the form of a busker with a different and sometimes elaborate talent. In Amsterdam there dancers / gymnasts, the traditional musical acts and even a guy who spent his time juggling a soccer ball (he even went up a lamp post juggling it on his head and then when he got to the top would hang there switching from head to feet!).

Como, Italy isn’t quite the same size as Amsterdam but I think this city has the record for performers per square meter. They all seem to be down one street and they add to the interesting intensity of Italy so far. It is interesting to say that because Como is also just barely over the border from Switzerland. Thing is though, Switzerland is a strange place that seems to be where different cultures blended and I was questioning if I was actually in Italy ever since I came over the San Bernardino Pass earlier this afternoon. The thing that messed me up was that the names of things began to have Italian sounding names but the official signs were very much Swiss.


Lake Como and the docks at the City of Como

The major change seems to be that my GPS doesn’t like the addresses of this place. It took me to at least 2 different parts of the same very winding road before I had to reference back to the confirmation email which had a suggestion on what to put into a browser to find the place. This doesn’t bode well if this keeps up. I was in the right area but I had also heard that Italian road signs are an interesting mix and that there are stories of even Italians making fun of them! Hopefully it will all go well as I have booked another B&B for a place close to the Riviera that I am hoping will be a nice place for tomorrow… if I can find it.

Final thought: I had originally intended on doing some camping while over here. The idea was that that would be a way of keeping costs down. Unfortunately it is very hard to book sites ahead as there doesn’t seem to be an organization that links them in anyway. I have tried to book a couple of sites in advance but they all simply have a way for me to send an email. So far there has been no response! So I have started to resort to B&B’s and I have been pleasantly rewarded. The Gasthaus I stayed at for the last two nights was a wonderful place and I have ended up in an interesting and very well set up place tonight. You also get some form of meal as you wake up in the morning. The meal varies from place to place but at least you get something for the price of admission. The final bonus of these two places is that they have been very accommodating of my bike as well. In Switzerland the bike was given a place in the garage along side the owners bike (I think they moved out a car to do so but I can’t be sure) and tonight it has been given a place in a locked, gated driveway! It is a long way from my concerns of being in Strasbourg.


Gate about to close locking my bike safely in for the night


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