Northward Bound

Ride a little outside of Nevers, France along a road called Les Indrins in a little village called Marzy you may find a little dirt drive way that looks like this.


Les Indrins Chambres d’hotes. The only sign you will see for this out of the way B&B / Hotel.

If you ever happen to be in this area of the world and need a place to stay I suggest you head up this path. This place is a jewel.

I have finally made it to the straight roads that I have been dreaming about for the last couple of days. Grenoble really was the end of the Alps, after leaving this morning I only had a few foothills to keep me company before the terrain leveled out. Today was really the first of two travel days as I head North to Paris and the goal was to find myself within a reasonable ride of the city but not too close that the accommodation prices would get out of hand.

I could have been in Southern Ontario. The scenery looks very similar. In general this is farm country scattered along rolling hills. As it is generally without terrain to block anything, the roads are straight and efficient and for the first time in a long time I was able to make the time that Garmin said it would take.

In terms of time though I am finally getting used to how things work here. There are open and closing times that are not common in North America. Getting dinner outside of the times set in pubs means that you are out of luck and today when I stopped at a gas station I found that I needed to wait 30 minutes before the man who ran it came back from his lunch break. The idea of pulling into a gas station in North America and having to wait until lunch is over has been unheard of in all of my travels.

I made it to the little town of Nevers around 4 pm tonight and found the place that I had booked. The address to this place does not have a street number so I was just guessing and as I was wondering around looking I almost missed the drive way entrance as the sign was small and hard to read. Even when driving up there does not seem to be any marking on the house to say that you are in the right place and it is up to you to find someone who lives here to find out that you indeed have arrived.


Old farm mansion??

It is a shame that I am leaving tomorrow. Apparently they also do a wonderful dinner if you ask for it here. If you are ever in need of a quiet place to get away from it all this place is spectacular.


View out from the Hotel over the valley


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