The Idea

It’s two and a half years away now and it is starting to feel real. In July of 2020 I will looking at 14 months of travel time as that is the start of my year long sabbatical. So how did I get to this point?

In the winter of 2016 I had been teaching for 13 years. I was also half way through the fifth year of working at a new school which had opened in the fall of 2011. Opening a new school is fun but it is a lot of work. In the first years half the usual numbers of staff are running all of the committees as well as establishing new routines and standards. That would be enough but in those five years we suffered through two different rounds of labour strife, the second of which resulted in my first ever strike.

The end result was that I was feeling overwhelmed. I can remember driving to a day on the picket line and while passing a 18 wheel truck thinking that it was time to get a new job. Driving truck away from the interactions of people seemed perfect. I love teaching but I was close to bailing.

So what to do. I really do like teaching and I had landed at a school with an amazing bunch of people but I needed something different to look forward to. For the first time my summer didn’t seem long enough. I dumped some of the responsibilities that I had taken on at work and tried to just be a teacher and concentrate on myself…. it didn’t seem to be enough.

After some soul searching I applied for a sabbatical at work. The Peel Board has a program where they deduct a percentage of your pay over a few years and pay you during your time off. Application submitted and my sabbatical runs from July 2020 to the end of August 2021.

So, what do I plan for my time off? The short short answer is travel. More on where and how coming soon.

It is going to be amazing.


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