The Plan

So you have 14 months of time away from work, you have saved up so you will be paid for the entire time and you have a job that you will be going back to. What would you do with your time? For quite a few years I didn’t apply for a sabbatical as I didn’t have an answer to that question. I encourage my students to consider gap years, this will be mine.

I am about two and a half years away so plans are beginning to become solid.


My first and most solid plan is that I will be Overlanding. The idea is to head down the length of the Pan American Highway to the end in Ushuaia, Argentina. Once there I plan on seeing if there is a way to get over to Antarctica. My trips recently have at times centered on the idea of remote roads that end in amazing places and this is the next step for checking off some cool locations from the bucket list.

More specifically though a trip that includes the Amazon Rainforest, Atacama Desert, the Andes Mountains and Patagonia and has a turn around point at a sign that says Fin Del Mundo sounds like a fun trip to me. For many years I have been reading stories of other peoples trips and now I want to be there myself.

For the uninitiated Overlanding is self reliant travel to remote places. Usually self reliant means that you have all of the stuff you need to sleep, eat and get out of any issue you may find yourself in as a part of your vehicle. From that point on everyone ‘overlands’ in something different. There are people overlanding on motorbikes, in Jeeps, RV’s and even massive trucks turned into homes on wheels. In all of the research I have done so far the sky is the limit for how people are getting around the world from the most rustic to ultra luxurious.

So thats the plan at its most basic. Now for some serious planning.


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