Planning for A Sabbatical

The trip feels so long off still but at the same time it seems like time is speeding up. So it is time to start planning out the next few years in order to able to head south with confidence.

So what needs doing?

1. Research and Purchase an Overland Vehicle – Whatever I have at the start of July 2020 will be what I live in for the next 14 months or so. This is the fun part as it is exciting to think about my first new vehicle in well 5 years and my first new car since 2009.

2. Determine what to do with my house – Sell or rent? From an investment perspective then renting it out is the best. That said who wants to be a landlord from 20,000 km away.

3. Learn Spanish – Knowing more than Ola would probably be a good idea. Plus how can I make new friends without that?

4. Paperwork – My paperwork is fairly basic but now I am importing a vehicle into and out of many different countries, not all of which like each other. Taking the Motorbike into Europe was easy because one set of rules governs everyone…. South America will not be the same.

5. What to Take – My kit will take some sorting. The balence is going to be between too much and not enough. Beyond personal gear will be recovery gear for the vehicle (don’t have any at all), electronics (want to blog, photograph and video my entire trip) and finally repair kits for the vehicle and me.

Thats all I can think of at the moment. So the plan at the moment is….:

1. Next summer I plan on heading out to the West Coast of Canada and rent a small motorhome to ensure that this is the right idea for me.

2. Fall of 2018 finalize and purchase the overland vehicle.

3. Summer of 2019 drive the Trans-Labrador Highway as a test of equipment

4. Summer 2020 away we go!

Looking forward to it!


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