Month: December 2017

New Years Resolutions

I was just watching one of my favorite Youtube channels CGPGrey and was reminded how much I tend not to believe in making New Years Resolutions, and that is to say he said it and I agree. There are so many statistics about what date most resolutions are broken by that I am amazed anyone even continues this tradition. So maybe instead of making resolutions lets call these goals that would be a good idea to accomplish before I head off on the trip.

Learn Some Spanish

Truthfully I sort of started this process last January. I signed up for a course at Sheridan Collage. Thing is that I found the course frustrating. Most of the class (myself included) felt self consious about speaking, so we really didn’t do it much. At the same time the course was designed primarily with the focus of achieving marks rather than learning the language. I am sure that my best education will come when I am amongst native speakers and there is a large part of me that is thinking that signing up for a language class during the first few weeks of the trip would be a good idea but something tells me a few words would be ideal.

Loose Some Weight

Hands up if this is also a resolution that you have just made! For me it is long standing goal which tends to be interrupted by work. I find that in summers I do tend to loose weight but once the school year starts up again I end up at a desk until late into the night and the weight comes back (he said taping away at a keyboard again…). The summers have the added bonus of my friends coming out of hibernation and mountain biking starting up again. I would like to be in better shape for the trip South. I am going to be far from my doctor and I would rather not have the need in places that I wont be familier with.

So thats it. Better make it simple before this becomes ridiculous. Any goals that you can think of?


Merry Christmas

In about 2 or 3 hours I will be heading out to my parents place. Christmas is the one time of year that my parents, sister and I make sure that we spend more than just a few hours together. I only live about 30 minutes drive from my parents house but none the less I will spend the next three days over at their house.

Christmas day is a very quiet affair for my family. My parents moved independantly away from their parents in England which means that our family time consisted of just the 4 of us. In the morning there is a special breakfast followed by opening of presents and at around noon the Queen’s speach comes on and no matter what stage of the day we pause to hear what she has to say. Finally at mid afternoon we sit down to turkey dinner after which we struggle to stay awake by watching movies.

I have never spent a Christmas away from my parents and sister. It is a time of very consistent routine and tradition for us and the idea that this will change during my trip is something that may throw me a curve when it happens. Maybe I will just have to plan a flight home mid trip when the time comes.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas celebrating with friends and family full of the routines, traditions and fun that comes with this time of year.

Overlanding Research

Amazingly enough it seems like the idea of Overlanding is not that well known in popular circles where I live. I guess that the type of travel I want to do is the thing that most people will never be able to accomplish due to time or expense. That said, there are many people driving the Pan American Highway or heading to more out of the way places. Many of these travelers have been writting about their adventures and they are where I have been getting much of my information. Here are just some of the websites that I have found useful.

Horizons Unlimited

When I first started traveling by motorbike I found this community. The website and forum on this site are run by Grant and Susan Johnson who have a wealth of round the world tripping experience. They also run meet ups in various places around the world and have a how to series of videos about travel by motorbike.

Life Remotely & IOverlander

This blog is a very interesting one. When the idea of heading south along the Pan American Highway I found a website with the ebook ‘Don’t Go There. It’s Not Safe, You’ll Die’ free to be downloaded. At the time that I downloaded it there blog was talking about how they were in the process of creating a travelers app. I have had the app on my phone for a while now and it is an amazing resource for on the road information such as the locations of campsites, hotels, food, propane and fuel, mechanics, shipping companies. There is not much info for the area around me but in other areas there is a lot.


This website is your typical Wiki. I am not sure who runs it or why but it seems like an interesting site. The info seems to be well edited and in terms of other sites limited but that also means that it is not as overwhelming. The other nice thing about this site is that it seems to be keeping track of an on again, off again ferry service between Panama and Columbia which would be very helpful for all sorts of travelers between the continents.

Expedition Portal & Overland Journal

The Expedition Portal is a forum and online magazine that supports overlanding. As with all forums there is a series of posts on travel methods and destinations. The Overland Journal is a print magazine that is published 4 times a year, I haven’t recieved my first one yet but I am looking forward to it.

Truck Camper Magazine

Having started to look into truck campers more seriously I have stumbled across this site. The site is an excellent source of info for camping with truck campers. The most interesting articles have been about modifications to the campers that people have made. The website seems to have links with many of the major truck camper manufacturers so it will be a place to help determine what rig to get in the end.