Temptation…. and Teeth

It happens almost every 3 to 4 months. Someone or something presents me a chance for a trip some place. The people who know me know that I am interested in traveling to just about any place on the planet. Most recently the offer was to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam at some point this coming year.

Most of the time the answer is Hell Yes, and then either my own ambitions take over, the time they want to go isn’t combatible with the school calendar or I am so far in debt that springing for a $4,000 dollar trip right now would not be a smart idea. Being an adult sucks some times. Being spontaneous and having a long term plan do not really match up some times.

The plan for this year included a trip to B.C. with my sister to try out living with a truck camper for two weeks. We had planed to travel from Vancouver to Whistler and spend a couple of days mountain biking, from there head over to Vancouver Island and go whale watching and explore the rainforest. I was excited to show my sister a part of the world that I know she would love.

And then the dentist happened. They always seem to provide the worst and most expensive news possible. My tooth needed to be removed and the best option for it is to have an implant. The cost of the entire process is more than the cost of renting an RV. So decision making time…. have a permanent gap where a very big tooth used to be or do the better long term option, not really a choice is it.

I guess it is time for some Adulting. The temptations for just saying #@$% it and go are such as a driving force over the last few years. I really want to go to all of these. Maybe just a motorbike trip this summer (oh ya…. did I mention heading east on the bike again??). Lets see how well I can do :).


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