Car Show and Trucks

You know what would be productive? Go to the Canadian International Auto Show on Family Day weekend and try to take pictures and spend time with specific trucks. That said, when that is the only time you have available you go.

The best picture I could get of a pickup at the auto show

They are relatively new technology but I have never seen so many 360 degree cameras in one place. People are walking around with poles which I can only assume were taking video of the massive crowds and the occasional car being swarmed. If pictures are what you want to do, which it seems almost everyone has decided, then the museum displays of some admittely amazing cars is the place to go. These cars must only live in the back of a transport truck because I have never seen any of these on the road.


The main reason I went to the show was to look at different Pick Up trucks for the camper. The research that I have done so far has been overwhelming. For every different model of truck there seems to be ten different but major options that make a huge difference. There are different engines, box sizes, seating arrangements and drive train options and each choice comes with a different set of abilities in gas milage and payload each of which are vitally important.

A few weeks ago I went around to a couple of dealerships and talked with any sales people who would spare the time. While both GMC and Dodge dealerships were willing to sit down and chat. In those conversations at a time when money wasn’t a part of the conversation I came away thinking that the Dodge Ram Powerwagon was the truck to look at. It has the payload for the truck campers I am looking at and 4×4 capabilities that must make it impossible to get stuck ever.

The show gave me the chance to finally see the truck up close and it is astounding. First off, for a person of average size this truck is massive. I tried to look into the box of the pick up and bumped my chin on the top edge! The top of the front hood is at eye level and the wheel wells are above my hips. In the winter many people around me like to put the windscreen wipers up so they don’t freeze to the window. I tried this and found out I just couldn’t reach. The hood was down but I can’t imagine how I would replace the windsheild fluid or close the hood without a step stool. That said, changing the oil must be super easy as there is no reason to use ramps or jack it up to get underneath.

Seeing the truck made me realize that this purchase will mean I need to change my philosophy for my transportation. I currently own the largest car in my life, a Toyota Matrix. All of my cars have been small and nimble. They have been purchased mostly on a concept of minimal cost and ability to mostly satisfy the day to day needs of getting around town. A truck on the other hand will be purchased primarily for the trip. The cost of it though will mean it will have to be owned for longer than that.

Still… the Powerwagon is an amazing truck. As standard it comes with things such as a winch and high clearance that I would at least consider adding / modifying to anything that I may get. It still remains high on the list of possiblities and now I am looking into 4×4 clubs to learn how to use all of its capablities.

As for the Auto Show, next year I will just have to find some time to get there on a quieter day. There were so many amazing vehicles that I wanted to get a chance to spend more time with but I just don’t have the patience to wait for a quiet time which for some trucks never seemed to happen. Somehow I will have to find a way to make that happen.

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