Past Adventures

Vancouver Island and the Northern US States (Summer 2014)

Over Lake Huron and under Lake Superior and I was off across the Northern USA. Along the way to Vancouver Island hung out for a few days at Glacier National Park and Seattle. Turn around for the trip was Tofino BC and along the way back I visited Mt. St. Helens, Yellowstone and the South Dakota Badlands.

Rural Montana

Isle of Man (June 2014)

Racing has always been a large part of my father and I lives. While we don’t go to the race track as often as we used to I still follow racing quite a lot. The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races are run over 2 weeks in June on the roads of the island. A race that has lasted over 100 years was something we had to go and see. Go and rent a motorbike and ride the course where parts have unrestricted speeds and allow you to try out the track for yourself, too much fun!

Agos Leap just after Bray Hill

To the End of the Road in Quebec (Late August 2013)

For a while I didn’t think I would go anywhere this summer and by the time I decided to go, there wasn’t much time left. In the last 2 weeks before school started I had to get away which meant jumping on the motorbike and seeing if I could get to James Bay via a road that I had read about. Can’t quite call this trip a success as I had my only motorcycle accident so far almost as far away from home that I could. Many repairs and a lot of swearing I made it home, but at least I can say I have ridden the James Bay Road now and have the stories and scares to prove it.

Just about to start North on the James Bay Road.

Alaska by Motorbike (July 2012)

Go find the end of the road in Alaska… or at least that was the original plan. In the spring of 2012 I bought the motorbike I had been eyeing for a long time (A Suzuki Vstrom) with the hope of long distance adventure touring. Almost as soon as the school year ended off I went to meet a friend and his fiance in Central Ontario. From there we headed West and North for almost as long as we could. The goal was to ride the Dempster Highway in Northern Yukon. Unfortunately while it wasn’t closed the ferries had been damaged along it meaning we couldn’t get as far as we wanted. No matter, it was still my first long distance motorcycle trip… of hopefully many.

On top of the Whistlers in Jasper

Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands (Summer 2011)

Environmental Science took me to the Galapagos Islands the next year. I had been taking Additional Qualification courses in Environmental Science from York University. It was a three step process and I had done the first 2 when they advertised the option to do the third part on the Galapagos Islands. Myself and three friends jumped at the chance and we were off. Classes in Quito and at the Charles Darwin Research Station were capped off by the only way to see the islands with a 4 day cruise.

A Blue Footed Booby dancing for us.

Tibet / Nepal / India (August 2010)

Summer of 2010 was the first real international travel and it started on the exotic side. I would have to guess that pictures of the Potala Palace and possibly movies like Seven Years in Tibet made it so I had always wanted to go. I was NOT let down, it was an amazing trip and I continue to tell anyone who will listen my stories of the trip. Nepal is possibly my favorite place in all of my travels so far and will be a country I return to some time hopefully soon.

Descending from the Tibet Plateau to Friendship Bridge at the Nepal Border


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